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  • Австрия готова к зиме
    Буковель - лучший отдых зимой 2009
    Зима 2009: Андорра ждет
    Сравнение: Буковель - Драгобрат
    Сравнение: Буковель - Славское
    Лучшие туры от туроператора Galopom и турагентства TUI - лучший отдых, доступные цены на путевки.

    Rambler's Top100

    Ski World

      !Winter holidays at the best ski resorts of Ukraine and the world.

    belay Summer, sea, sand and hot sun ... All this is not about us. Long time ago scientists have proved that for a normal recriation you need to rest, at least twice a year. More than eight months in the year weather is not pleased with the special warmth and that is why we are so zealously about the hot summer months, waiting for them with the great impatience. Winter vacation seems to be secondary.

    This site is dedicated not to those who see the first snow and plan to run away from it to the warm sea, hot sun, but to those who care, as relics, reached their skis from the boxroom. In a few time they will be together - mountains, sky, old forest and  a man who slipping on skis on snow, trying to catch up  the wind.

    The site presents ski resorts that have become legends, and small cities that will be good for family winter holidays. Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France open their alpine slopes, Slovakia and Poland - ski resorts of the Tatras, Andorra - the winter holidays in the Pyrenees. The list goes on too long. Ukraine is ready to represent her ski resorts: world-known - Bukovel, with its growing infrastructure, Dragobrat - The Fairy Tale of primeval nature, and the legendary slopes of Trostyan Mountain.
    Зимний отдых в Украине и за рубежом.
    Ski World

      Bukovel - the best ski resort of Ukraine.


    Буковель – лучший горнолыжный курорт Украины (information about Bukovel in Russian).

    Carpathians are so beautiful during the whole year. Vorokhta, Yaremche, Yasinya, Bukovel - the beauty of these places is difficult to convey in the words. Bukovel became the youngest and at the same time, the fastest growing ski resort in Ukraine. Tourist Complex «Bukovel» is located in 30 km from Yaremche and 110 km from Ivano-Frankivsk in the village Polyanitsa of Transcarpathian region. The nearest major airports and railway stations are Ivano-Frankivsk (100 km), Lviv (230 km), Chernivtsi (170 km). There are regular buses from Ivano-Frankivsk, and Kiev.

    Summary length of tracks is about 50 kilometers (100% of them with snowgenerating equipment). Among 61 ski tracks of Bukovele 12 are blue (for beginners), 41 red (medium difficulty) and 8 iron (for professionals). The longest downhill is 5G, its length is 2 kilometers. For children and young skiers there is ski school. Private lessons will cost 120 UAH per hour, group - from 65 to 90 UAH, depending on the number of pupils in the group. Ski resort is equipped with a new ski lifts, has developed infrastructure. Number of lifts is 14 (DOPPELMAYR and LEITNER)), including one bugel, one 2-chair, one 3-chair, eleven 4-chair and multilift for beginners and children. Illumination of slopes allows to ski even in the evening. Ski runs are held at a specially prepared slopes with grass foundation. All tracks are related. Bukovel is developing dynamically. Until 2010, is planned to increase the total length of tracks to 278 km, while the number of lifts to 35, this will allow Bukovel to enter in the 20 largest ski resorts in the world. Also in 2006 was made an application for consideration of Bukovel as a candidate for the Winter Olympics in 2018.

    Ski World

      Bukovel and Dragobrat. What is better?

    Bukovel and Dragobrat. What is better?

    Someone said that it is difficult to compare things which, in principle are hard to compare. Trinity Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavskoe represent are the main Ukrainian ski resorts. Each of them has its own history and his entourage. Bukovel can be compared to the large anthills. Calm Mountains of Dragobrat are fascinating. In Bukovel mountains are calm for you, Dragobrat makes skier always be careful. Bukovel and Dragobrat are in the Transcarpathian region, but the weather and geographical conditions are rather different. Bukovel is in the lower region, and better protected from cold winds. Dragobrat is mostly alpine resort of Carpathians and has rarely problems with snow. At a time when the snow in Bukovel is few, Dragobrat hass 2-3 meters of snow. The road track to Bukovel (about 10 km) had a break for a short time of its existence, that car owners with the low landing are not pleased , but in comparison with Dragobrat it is realy nice. The quantity and quality of the lifts in Bukovel is higher then in Dragobratn. But at the same time, fans of freeride will not be long to think how to choose a resort. Here Dragobrat is a real winner. In the face of crisis is becoming an important factor of price. Again Bukovel clear leader! But the Dragobrat's prices are not low either/ If the inhabitants of the coast are doing business in summer, the main peak of the Carpathians is winter. The one who see Winter's Tale Carpathians will want to return.
    Ski World

      Dragobrat's map

    Ski World

      Ski Hoverla. Is it joke?

    Ski Hoverla. Is it joke?

    Hoverla is the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians. For Ukrainians it is nor usual mountain. It is something like a symbol. It is favourite place for tourist's visits in summer, and lovers of extreme sports in winter. Hoverla is about 2061 meters high. And some of it's slopes are not easy way even on summer, and in time when winter comes they are really dangerous. The middle time of climbing to the top in summer is about 2 hours. There are 2 main pathes to the top, but among other, not usual for tourist ways there is one that is going through the Prut River's waterfalls, that are mostly nearby of its spring. There is no lifts on Hoverla and everyone who visited it will have ironic smile looking in the title of this article. Ski Hoverla?! Joke. But he didn't guess. Any danger can't stop the extreme ski sport lovers. The most of them are young people from nearest villages, but there are some unics, that for this ski run will travel through hundreds kilometers. Climbing to the top will take more then 3-4 hours with a high danger to the life, but it doesn't stop ski extremals. Hoverla is not so far away from other Ukrainian ski resorts, but extreme ski lovers will never change the adrenalin of Hoverla ski freeride to the smart conditions of Bukovel or anything other.
    Ski Hoverla. Is it joke?
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